Environment - Feb 19
Today Belgian researchers set sail for Antarctica. Their goal is to take a census of marine biodiversity and to study the presence of plastic in the Southern Ocean. The mission's novelty is that it will be carried out...
Environment - Feb 7

On 19 February, nine Belgian scientists will embark on a unique mission to study marine biodiversity and microplastics in the Southern Ocean.

Life Sciences - Jan 30
Life Sciences

Monkey brain scans have revealed new information about the part of the brain that processes visual information.

Life Sciences - Feb 4

Researchers at VIB-KU Leuven have identified several gut bacteria that may be linked to depression. Their findings provide further evidence that our intestinal bacteria produce substances with a potential impact on our mental health.

Life Sciences - Jan 28
Life Sciences

During fat ingestion , if everything works in our body, an enzyme from the intestine transmits to the brain (through the production of molecules) the message "stop, I am not hungry anymore" .

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