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Environment - Feb 19
Today Belgian researchers set sail for Antarctica. Their goal is to take a census of marine biodiversity and to study the presence of plastic in the Southern Ocean. The mission's novelty is that it will be carried out...
Environment - Feb 7

On 19 February, nine Belgian scientists will embark on a unique mission to study marine biodiversity and microplastics in the Southern Ocean.

Life Sciences - Jan 30
Life Sciences

Monkey brain scans have revealed new information about the part of the brain that processes visual information.

Life Sciences - Feb 4

Researchers at VIB-KU Leuven have identified several gut bacteria that may be linked to depression. Their findings provide further evidence that our intestinal bacteria produce substances with a potential impact on our mental health.

Life Sciences - Jan 28
Life Sciences

During fat ingestion , if everything works in our body, an enzyme from the intestine transmits to the brain (through the production of molecules) the message "stop, I am not hungry anymore" .


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Careers / Employment - 15.02.2019

Computer Science / Telecom - 07.02.2019

Careers / Employment - Administration - 01.02.2019
Ghent University approves new career policy for research staff
On 1 February 2019, the Board of Governors of Ghent University approved the new regulations for research staff (WP), that improve the contract regulations, and offer a supplementary pension to all WP in line with market practice.

Agronomy / Food Science - Innovation / Technology - 21.01.2019

Transport - 10.01.2019

Administration - Mathematics - 07.01.2019

Computer Science / Telecom - 02.01.2019

Health - 19.12.2018
Stress related responses regulate immune function
Natural killer T cells form a specialized immune cell that protects against a variety of diseases. This is because of their ability to make large amounts of cytokines, which act as major communicators between different cell types.

Administration - 17.12.2018
'We are transforming our university into a place where talent once again feels valued and nurtured'
’We are transforming our university into a place where talent once again feels valued and nurtured’
Our university should once again belong to the academics, rather than the bureaucracy, writes the rector of Ghent University, Rik Van de Walle.

Law / Forensics - 14.12.2018

Transport - 10.12.2018

Law / Forensics - 10.12.2018

Careers / Employment - Administration - 07.12.2018
Ghent University is changing course with a new career model for professorial staff (ZAP)
Ghent University dares to think. Ghent University also dares to push its own boundaries. On December 7 the Board of Governors has approved a new career and evaluation model for professorial staff (ZAP) as well as the accompanying regulations.

Business / Economics - 07.12.2018

Administration - Mathematics - 07.12.2018

Health - Event - 06.12.2018
Half a million for cardiovascular anomalies research
The first Generet Award, which was launched this year, has gone to Professor Miikka Vikkula (de Duve Institute - UCLouvain) for his research seeking a genetic explanation for vascular anomalies.

Law / Forensics - Social Sciences - 05.12.2018
70 years Universal Declaration of Human Rights
10 December marks the 70th anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) as a United Nations General Assembly Resolution.

Administration - Careers / Employment - 05.12.2018

Social Sciences - 04.12.2018

Event - 30.11.2018

Health - Life Sciences - 28.11.2018
Defective protein factories in disease: a double-edged sword of cell division
Ever since the 1960s, the medical world has wondered why some patients who suffer from illnesses resulting from inadequate cell division are much more susceptible to cancer which is conversely characterized by excessive cell division.

Politics - 25.11.2018
Why lobbying is not always an obscure activity
Iskander De Bruycker (UAntwerp) analyzed whether media attention helps lobby groups. Brussels houses about 15 000 lobby organisations, which employ over 30 000 lobbyists.

Environment - Earth Sciences - 23.11.2018
Spending Christmas in Antarctica
               On 1 December, a team of glaciologists and climate researchers from ULB , UCLouvain and the University of Colorado will head for the Antarctic.

Computer Science / Telecom - 19.11.2018
Vacancy Research Professor
Inleiding: The Faculty of Law and the Institute for Development policy (IOB) are seeking to fill a full-time vacancy for a Research professor in the area of sustainable development and environmental justice. As part of its dynamic research policy and supported by the possibilities offered by the Flemish Government through the resources of the Special Research Fund (BOF), the Faculty of Law and the Institute for Development policy (IOB) are seeking to fill a full-time vacancy for a Research professor (TTZAPBOF) in the area of sustainable development and environmental justice.

Law / Forensics - Social Sciences - 18.11.2018
Press release Vrije Universiteit Brussel: Forced sterilisation was legal in many democratic countries until long after World War II
A VUB study reveals the dark side of the eugenic doctrine. A study from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and the Uiversity of Bournemouth reveal that forced sterilisation didn't stop after WWII.

Literature / Linguistics - 16.11.2018

Law / Forensics - 14.11.2018

Life Sciences - Health - 07.11.2018
Nobel Prize winner John Gurdon: "Growing body parts is not science fiction"
Sir John Gurdon's ancestry at www.nobelprize.org could easily be mistaken for a crash course in English history.