Social Sciences - Oct 22, 2018
Do people with suicidal thoughts see potentially life-saving information when they go online? It may depend on the language they're using, research shows.
Social Sciences - Sep 28, 2018

( 28-09-2018 ) During the next few years, the faculties at Ghent University will closely collaborate with each other in the realisation of ten interdisciplinary projects of major social impact. Ghent University is creating 21 new professorships which they will begin to fill as of this autumn.

Psychology - Life Sciences - Aug 6, 2018
Psychology - Life Sciences

A group of researchers found that our learning capabilities are limited during slow wave sleep. Using magnetoencephalography (MEG), they showed that while our brain is still able to perceive sounds during sleep, it is unable to group these sounds according to their organisation in a sequence.

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