PhD Candidate

WorkplaceFlemish Region, Ghent, Belgium


Job description

The lab of Prof. Dr. Piet Pattyn is working on the use of liquid biopsies in esophageal carcinoma. Currently, we are looking for a candidate for a PhD project in which we aim to identify and validate blood-based biomarkers that can help determine diagnosis, predict treatment and prognosis of patients with esophageal adenocarcinoma using transcriptome sequencing data. Collection of serial blood and tissue samples for this study started in June 2016 and has now grown into a multicentric organized study for collection of biomaterials. For this project, there is a strong collaboration between the Department of Medical Genetics, the Cancer Research Center, and the Department of Gastro-enterology, Oncology and Pathology.

Profile of the candidate

  • Candidates should have a master degree in bio-engineering, biomedical sciences or bioinformatics
  •  Interest, affinity and ideally previous experience in computational biology/bio-informatics analysis of sequencing data sets during master thesis
  • Broad interest in transcriptomics and cancer biology

How to apply

For further information or to apply (include motivation letter, curriculum vitae with study results and contact information of potential referees), please contact: Dr. A Philippron ( Annouck.philippron [at] ugent[.]be ) ,
In your application, please refer to
and reference  JobID 237.