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Medicine - Life Sciences May 10
Researchers and clinicians at VIB, KU Leuven and University Hospitals Leuven have identified a genetic mutation that causes a rare form of the autoimmune disease lupus. They discovered the mutation in one Belgian family's DNA.
Life Sciences - Medicine Apr 19

Scientists from KU Leuven and UCLA reveal why male and female cells behave differently after being reprogrammed into stem cells.

Life Sciences - Medicine Mar 9

Approximately 4 million people worldwide currently suffer from Parkinson's disease, and this number is only expected to increase.

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Medicine/Pharmacology - 07.05
Professeur-e associé-e ou assistant-e en immunologie Université de Genève
Medicine/Pharmacology - 04.05
Post Doc research laboratory INSELGRUPPE AG, Bern
Life Sciences - 24.05
PhD Candidate rice defense University of Ghent
Computer Science/Telecom - 18.05
PhD Candidate: (Hearing-Impaired) Auditory Signal Processing University of Ghent
Medicine/Pharmacology - 18.05
PhD Candidate University of Ghent
Life Sciences - 17.04
Postdoctoral Scientist in Neurogenomics Universiteit Antwerpen
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