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Chemistry - Physics - Aug 16
Clusters of silver atoms captured in zeolites, a porous material with small channels and voids, have remarkable light emitting properties. For instance, they can be used for more efficient lighting applications as a substitute for LED and TL lamps. Until recently, scientists did not know exactly how and why these small particles emit light.
Computer Science - Aug 14

Technology giant Intel has been including an innovative security method in its processors for a number of years.

Environment - Earth Sciences - Jul 26

Introduction: Dutch and Flemish researchers studied the colonisation by coastal vegetation - Coastal vegetation interacts with water flow and the transport of sand and sediment: this interaction plays a key role in the rise of characteristic landscape forms in coastal habitats.

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Un.e chimiste - Faculté de Pharmacie Université libre de Bruxelles
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PhD position, First-principles study of the corrosion of Universiteit Antwerpen
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PhD position, Beam damage limits in transmission electron microscopy Universiteit Antwerpen