Chemistry - Dec 18, 2018
Companies are keen to use miniature chemical reactors to make pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals, but are discouraged by their tendency to clog up. Researchers at KU Leuven have now devised an elegant way of using sound waves to keep the chemicals flowing.
Chemistry - Life Sciences - Oct 29, 2018

( 29-10-2018 ) Whether you think about bank accounts, YouTube videos or QR codes, everything is saved as zeros and ones, or data, on a computer. The storage equipment available might not be capable of holding all that information much longer.

Physics - Chemistry - Jul 23, 2018
Physics - Chemistry

Researchers have achieved a long-sought-after objective of electrically controlling water flow through membranes, as reported in Nature.

Chemistry - Physics - Aug 16, 2018

Clusters of silver atoms captured in zeolites, a porous material with small channels and voids, have remarkable light emitting properties. For instance, they can be used for more efficient lighting applications as a substitute for LED and TL lamps.

Physics - Chemistry - Jun 4, 2018
Physics - Chemistry

Chemists from Belgium and China have produced a new material that changes colour under a flow of human breath.

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