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Medicine / Pharmacology - Media - 15.10.2018
Dr Google is no panacea when it comes to patient empowerment
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Life Sciences - Medicine / Pharmacology - 14.09.2018
European scoop: opening research center cryo-electron microscope
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Medicine / Pharmacology - 05.09.2018
New technology improves diagnosis after brain scan
Introduction: University of Antwerp leading major European project to increase MRI scan efficiency. Radiologists have been using MRI brain scans for years.

Medicine / Pharmacology - 29.08.2018

Medicine / Pharmacology - Life Sciences - 25.06.2018
T-cell leukaemia: cancer cells take advantage of ’survival protein’
Cancer researchers have shown that some patients with T-cell leukaemia produce too much of the BCL-2 protein.

Medicine / Pharmacology - 07.06.2018
GPs more cautious when prescribing antibiotics
Introduction: New reimbursement rules make GPs more cautious when prescribing antibiotics. UAntwerp's iCAREdata project shows immediate impact of stricter conditions.

Medicine / Pharmacology - 28.05.2018

Life Sciences - Medicine / Pharmacology - 25.05.2018

Medicine / Pharmacology - Business / Economics - 22.04.2018

Life Sciences - Medicine / Pharmacology - 19.04.2018
"Neck or back pain? Move without worries!"
The extensive study was published in this week's edition of the leading scientific journal JAMA Neurology.

Medicine / Pharmacology - Administration - 10.04.2018

Medicine / Pharmacology - Innovation / Technology - 28.03.2018

Medicine / Pharmacology - Innovation / Technology - 28.03.2018

Life Sciences - Medicine / Pharmacology - 20.03.2018
Natural sniper kills hospital bacterium
Microbial geneticists at KU Leuven have unravelled how a specific type of protein eliminates the hospital bacterium Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

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Academic Rankings - Medicine / Pharmacology - 28.02.2018

Medicine / Pharmacology - Life Sciences - 22.02.2018
The Australian government’s plan for the biocontrol of the common carp presents several risks
Belgian, English and Australian scientists are calling on the Australian authorities to review their decision to introduce the carp herpes virus as a way to combat the common carp having colonised the country's rivers.

Medicine / Pharmacology - Environment - 15.02.2018
Morogoro virus may affect survival of its natural host
Introduction: This is counterintuitive to expectations: a negative effect of the virus on its host potentially diminishes its own spreading capability. To understand and predict the spread of infectious diseases from animal hosts to humans, it is essential to know how parasite transmission relates to host density.

Medicine / Pharmacology - Politics - 15.02.2018

Medicine / Pharmacology - 08.02.2018

Medicine / Pharmacology - Social Sciences - 07.02.2018
Longer Christmas holidays would reduce number of flu cases
Introduction: Researchers at UAntwerp/UHasselt call for 'social distancing' to contain flu epidemic.

Medicine / Pharmacology - 05.02.2018

Medicine / Pharmacology - 16.01.2018

Medicine / Pharmacology - Life Sciences - 10.01.2018

Medicine / Pharmacology - 21.12.2017
New contrast liquid to increase accuracy in surgery
Researchers of Vrije Universiteit Brussel developed a new type of fluorescent contrast liquid for use in cancer surgery. This allows the surgeon to carry out operations in a more precise and accurate way. Both patient's survival rates and quality of life should improve significantly as a result of the new technique.

Medicine / Pharmacology - Politics - 15.12.2017

Life Sciences - Medicine / Pharmacology - 04.12.2017

Medicine / Pharmacology - Innovation / Technology - 16.11.2017

Life Sciences - Medicine / Pharmacology - 09.11.2017
Scientists figure out how timer for cell division works
Human cells use a timer to divide: each cell gets at least 30 minutes to divide its genetic material between the nuclei of two daughter cells. Researchers at KU Leuven have unravelled how this timer is switched on and off. Their findings open up perspectives for the treatment of cancer, as keeping the timer going would stop cancer cells from dividing.

Life Sciences - Medicine / Pharmacology - 09.10.2017
Computer program detects differences between human cells
"How many different cell types are there in the human body? And how do these differences develop? Nobody really knows," says Professor Stein Aerts from KU Leuven/VIB. But thanks to a new method developed by his team, that may be about to change. Even though each of the cells in our body carries the exact same DNA sequence, there's a huge variety of cell types and functions.

Medicine / Pharmacology - Event - 31.07.2017

Medicine / Pharmacology - Life Sciences - 21.06.2017
World ALS Day 2017: the fight against an unseen killer
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) is a neurodegenerative disorder that leads to progressive muscle weakness and paralysis.

Medicine / Pharmacology - Administration - 14.03.2017
10 years of the ERC + 30 grants for UCL = €39 million
10 years of the ERC + 30 grants for UCL = €39 million
10 years of the ERC + 30 grants for UCL = ¤39 million On 21 March, the European Research Council (ERC) celebrates its tenth anniversary.