New research chair develops corporate strategies for circular economy

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Thursday 13 September Inauguration VBO-chair ’Transitioning Belgian Companies into Circularity’

Vrije Universiteit Brussel and Université Libre de Bruxelles, together with the Federation of Belgian Companies (VBO), launch the chair 'Transitioning Belgian Companies into Circularity'. Chair holders will be mobility expert Cathy Macharis of VUB and bio engineer Wouter Achten of ULB. The main goal of the chair is to contribute to the transition of corporations to a circular economy through academic research. The inauguration event will take place at the VBO headquarters, Ravensteinstraat 4, Brussel.

Chair holders Cathy Macharis and Wouter Achten want to develop a multidimensional evaluation model for the opportunities that the circular economy provides. Corporations will be offered a number of criteria and strategies to reevaluate their products and services, so that they can be better integrated into the circular economy.

The chair will select ten corporations to discuss the evaluation method and the transition framework with. Afterwards they will be further developed with and applied at three selected companies for a case study, offering guidance for these entities.

Furthermore, three seminars will be organised to present the project and the instrument with which they will be studied. The findings will be published in scientific publications and various course materials.



Presentation of the chair

'Transitioning Belgian Companies into Circularity'

by mr Pieter Timmermans, CEO of the Federation of Belgian Companies (VBO)

Why this chair at VUB?

by professor Caroline Pauwels, Rector of VUB

Why this chair at ULB?

by professor Yvon Englert, Rector of ULB

Presentation of the chair programme

The importance of the circular economy and the study thereof, by professor Cathy Macharis VUB and professor Wouter Achten of ULB


Drinks reception