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Life Sciences - Nov 7
Sir John Gurdon's ancestry at could easily be mistaken for a crash course in English history. From the arrow of Bertram de Gurdon, which killed Richard Lionheart in 1199, to Sir Adam de Gurdon, a likely model for Robin Hood, and Sir John Gurdon of Assington, who had Oliver Cromwell as his guest in 1648.
Health - Nov 7

On 10 November, a team of international scientists will organise World HTLV Day, giving attention to a deadly virus no one's heard of.

Health - Oct 31

One cannot overcome malaria without adrenal gland. Malaria affects the sugar metabolism and this has fatal consequences without the help of the adrenal gland.

Chemistry - Sep 24

Bioscience engineers at KU Leuven already knew how to make gasoline in the laboratory from plant waste such as sawdust.

Life Sciences - Nov 5
Life Sciences

A team of physicists at KU Leuven are improving our understanding of how DNA works. Amongst their findings is the proof of the elusive 'twist-bend coupling', the theory of which was first proposed in 1990.

Social Sciences - Oct 22

Do people with suicidal thoughts see potentially life-saving information when they go online? It may depend on the language they're using, research shows.

Health - Sep 20

Cobalt mining comes at a great cost to public health in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. New research reveals that children are particularly vulnerable: their urine and blood samples contain high concentrations of cobalt and other metals.

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