Global Health Institute at the EPITROP conference in Lima, Peru

Introduction: Conference on 15 years course of Molecular Epidemiology Applied to Infectious Diseases at of the Peruvian University Cayetano Heredia (UPCH)

Last Friday 16th of Feburary Christopher Delgado provided a conference on ‘Epidemiology meets population genetics: approaches in Malaria research’ at the International Symposium on ‘Molecular Epidemiology applied to Infectious Diseases’ EPITROP 2018 celebrated at the facilities of Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia in Lima, Peru.

The symposium was organized to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the course on the same topic that has been yearly organized by the Unit of Molecular Epidemiology of the Institute of Tropical Medicine Alexander von Humboldt (UPCH). Conferences on Leishmaniasis, antiobiotic resistance, vectors, arbovirus diagnosis and malaria among others were given by researchers from CDC (USA), ITM and UA (Belgium), Colombia and Peru. The program and recorded conferences are available on the facebook page