Lecture on the Care Economy

Introduction: The 3rd Edition of Law and Development Lecture Series launched with Dr. Marina Durano’s lecture on care economy at the nexus of trade and migration

On 27 February 2018, the Law and Development Research Group welcomed Dr. Marina Durano, Senior Programme Officer at the Open Society Foundation in New York, USA, for the first of the Law and Development Lectures of 2018. Dr. Durano delivered a lecture entitled “Care Economy at the Nexus of Trade and Migration: Some Considerations for Global Governance” that analysed and illuminated links to resolving demands for care from the perspective of a transformation of trade and migration rules. Dr. Durano, noted for her work in gender and development from a feminist perspective, explored areas where trade and migration governance would need closer interlinkages with social policies in order to address the consequences of increased demand for care satisfactorily.

Link: www.linkedin.com/in/­marina-durano-bb02859