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For years, we've been told that women and men have fundamentally different brains, leading to distinct behaviours and outcomes. Today, research challenges this notion. Rather than fixed "female" or "male" brains, the evidence suggests a dynamic, complex interplay of factors shaping cognitive function.

Campus - Feb 29

ChatGPT, Copilot or Gemini: AI tools designed to design and enhance written reports are becoming increasingly popular with students. But how can teachers assess this type of production?

Campus - Feb 12

A young institution at 20 years, the University is working to foster an environment which not only attracts talented female researchers, but also offers them reasons to stay and develop their full academic potential here.

Economics - Feb 9

At 22 years old, they're already wearing two hats: students and entrepreneurs. In May 2023, Clémentine Offner and Ivo Silva founded WeConnect , a societal impact company that puts students looking for accommodation in touch with private individuals willing to host them in their homes.

Campus - Feb 1

Producing accessible, interactive, and engaging history . The new Master in Digital and Public History (MADiPH) at the University of Luxembourg is now open for applications for a first intake of students starting in September 2024.

Politics - Feb 20

On Monday 26 February 2024, in Belval, the Rector of the University of Luxembourg, Jens Kreisel, and the Representative of the European Commission in Luxembourg, Anne Calteux, will sign the Agreement on the funding for 202

Environment - Feb 11

Driven by the shared goal of showcasing the diverse pathways of women in science within Luxembourg and inspiring young girls to follow their scientific passions, the institutions comprising Research Luxembourg have once ag

Campus - Feb 1

Heads up future Bachelor's and Master's students: The 2024-2025 academic year is on the horizon, and registrations at the University of Luxembourg opened on Thursday 1 February.

Pedagogy - Jan 23

Education is a driving force fuelled by more than 300 teaching staff members at the University. It figures among the top missions of the institution.