Models of complete, day 14 human embryos grown from stem cells

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Human stem cell derived embryo, day 8
Human stem cell derived embryo, day 8

A research team headed by Prof. Jacob Hanna at the Weizmann Institute of Science has created complete models of human embryos from stem cells cultured in the lab - and managed to grow them outside the womb up to day 14. As reported in Nature , these stem-cell embryo models had all the structures and compartments characteristic of this stage, including the placenta, yolk sac, chorionic sac and other external tissues that ensure the models’ dynamic and adequate growth. KU Leuven helped to characterize the new human embryo model.

Cellular aggregates derived from human stem cells in previous studies could not be considered genuinely accurate human embryo models, because they lacked several of the defining hallmarks of a post-implantation embryo. ...

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