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Economics - 04.10.2022
Real Estate agents' intentions to discriminate made measurable
Real Estate agents’ intentions to discriminate made measurable
VUB/UGent researchers use a new method to assess discrimination in housing market more precisely and find 10% of brokers are willing to select tenants based on ethnicity Tuesday, October 4, 2022 — Doctoral students in sociology Abel Ghekiere (VUB) and Louis Lippens (UGent) have developed a new method to examine real estate agents' underlying reasons for discriminating against potential tenants.

Career - Economics - 20.09.2022
Small-scale self-employed score worst for well-being
When it comes to well-being at work, self-employed people are often overlooked. In her doctoral study, occupational sociologist Jessie Gevaert investigated working conditions and mental well-being among those working for themselves. She concludes that precarious working conditions among self-employed workers can have serious consequences for their mental well-being.

Economics - 05.05.2021
European arms industry remains too national in approach
VUB research shows that national tendencies can hurt companies on the global market and risk the loss of core capabilities Wednesday, May 5, 2021 — Mitja Kleczka's doctoral research at Vrije Universiteit Brussel demonstrates that it's absolutely vital that Europe's national arms industries be further integrated.

Pharmacology - Economics - 04.03.2020
Average cost of developing a new drug could be up to $1.5 billion less than pharmaceutical industry claims
Average cost of developing a new drug could be up to $1.5 billion less than pharmaceutical industry claims
The costs of bringing a new drug to market may be lower than has been previously claimed by the pharmaceutical industry, according to a study published today (Tuesday March 3, 2020) in the journal JAMA.

Transport - Economics - 24.09.2019
New TPR doctor: Katrien De Langhe
Inleiding: On 24 September 2019 Katrien De Langhe succesfully defended her PhD at the University of Antwerp, on the topic of 'What role for rail in urban freight distribution'. Many national and international institutions encourage the use of environment-friendly transport modes. Subsequently, local authorities take increasing measures to prevent negative transport-related externalities in urban areas.

Health - Economics - 31.10.2018
HIV Ontrafelen Fund supports groundbreaking HIV research
( 31-10-2018 ) To the search for an effective remedy to combat HIV, the HIV Cure Research Center at UZ Ghent has made groundbreaking contributions. The HIV Ontrafelen Fund represents an indispensable link to enable this research work to continue. As a progressive and pluralistic institution, Ghent University is committed to contributing via research to the exploration of solutions to social and economic problems.

Economics - 16.08.2018
Linking turnover to organizational performance: the role of process conformance
Introduction: Jan Wynen, Wouter Van Dooren, Jan Mattijs and Carl Deschamps investigated the optimal rate of turnover for organizational performance and the role for process conformance. The article 'Linking turnover to organizational performance: the role of process conformance' is published Open Access.

Environment - Economics - 18.05.2018
Saving energy not only improves the climate
Introduction: UAntwerp and partners analysed the multiple impacts of energy efficiency in the European Horizon 2020-project COMBI. Saving energy not only improves the climate but also has positive impacts on air pollution, health, and ecosystems. Resource consumption, the economy and energy security also add benefits.