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Life Sciences - Chemistry - 18.09.2023
Human tissue waste a possible solution for cruelty-free research into male infertility
Joint 3R Symposium on research methods without animal testing from 19-21 September on VUB campus in Jette Infertility rates have increased around the world in recent decades, with male infertility in particular a major problem.

Environment - Innovation - 08.09.2023
VUB EUTOPIA project DurAMat aims to create more sustainable metals via 3D printing
DurAMat receives one of five prestigious Marie Sklodowska-Curie Doctoral Network Grants awarded to VUB Additive manufacturing or 3D printing of metals is a sustainable answer to our product-intensive society.

Environment - Innovation - 05.09.2023
Three VUB students to compete for coveted PhD Cup
Three VUB students to compete for coveted PhD Cup
Three Vrije Universiteit Brussel doctoral students are in the running to win the coveted Flemish PhD Cup on 19 October.

Environment - Physics - 05.09.2023
ERC Starting Grants for five Ghent researchers
ERC Starting Grants for five Ghent researchers
Five Ghent researchers will receive an ERC Starting Grant. This grant will allow them to expand their research group and conduct groundbreaking research.

Pharmacology - Chemistry - 22.08.2023
VUB chemist mimics natural protein to accelerate drug development
VUB chemist mimics natural protein to accelerate drug development
Professor Steven Ballet, head of the Organic Chemistry research group at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, has received the international Evotec Award for Excellence in Molecular Design from the French Société de Chimie Thérapeutique.

Social Sciences - Campus - 10.08.2023
VUB offers gifted children a taste of university life with Springbok study programme
The VUB research group CLEA (Center Leo Apostel) has developed an English-language study enrichment programme called Springbok.

Health - Research Management - 28.07.2023

Sport - Campus - 19.07.2023
VUB coaches 119 top student athletes in 30 study domains
VUB coaches 119 top student athletes in 30 study domains
During the 2022-2023 academic year, 119 top athletes and followed a flexible study path at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

Mathematics - 19.07.2023
Researcher solves decades-old maths problem
How do you solve a mathematical problem that's seen no progress in 40 years? Dr Sam Mattheus, affiliated with the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, went to the US for a year to find out.

Environment - 14.07.2023
3D model of 200,000 glaciers to predict their evolution up to 2300
A VUB research project aims to map all the more than 200,000 glaciers in the world in a 3D model.

Innovation - 07.07.2023
Vrije Universiteit Brussel appoints Karin Voets as Chief Information Officer
Karin Voets is the new CIO of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. With 20 years of experience in IT and management, in both the private and public sectors, she brings a wealth of expertise to VUB.

Environment - 30.06.2023
This was the first BioBlitz at KU Leuven: about 1,500 species counted by 581 volunteers
From 22 May to 30 June, anyone could participate in the first BioBlitz at KU Leuven. The goal was to count as many plant and animal species as possible on the university's various campuses.

Event - Environment - 23.06.2023
Scientists and young people reflect on future of Brussels
From Wednesday 28 June to Sunday 2 July 2023, VUB is organising the second edition of the Brussels2030 Summer Assembly in collaboration with ULB and Brussels2030.

Environment - Social Sciences - 22.06.2023

Astronomy / Space Science - Architecture - 21.06.2023
Challenging the status quo of resource exploitation at Venice Biennale
Two University of Luxembourg researchers of the Master in Architecture programme and the Department of Geography and Spatial Planning, Francelle Cane and Marija Maric, were selected to represent Luxembourg at the 2023 Venice Architecture Biennale with their project titled - Down to Earth -.

Pedagogy - 19.06.2023
One in four older people doesn’t use the internet
Society is digitalising at lightning speed. We shop, book holidays and do our banking online, and are encouraged to do so.

Social Sciences - 16.06.2023

Campus - Career - 14.06.2023

Health - 06.06.2023
#BOARD23 - Turning the spotlight on animal research at the university
On 15 June, the European Animal Research Association (EARA) is organising the third edition of the -Be Open About Animal Research Day- (#BOARD23).

Health - 06.06.2023
New UZ Brussel high-tech ambulance in service for inter-hospital transport
A premature baby requiring urgent transport to a specialist neonatal intensive care unit. A 60-year-old suffering a sudden stroke in need of neurosurgical intervention.

Environment - 31.05.2023
Calculations show that the thermal energy stored by land masses has increased significantly
There are many effects of climate change. Perhaps the most broadly known is global warming, which is caused by heat building up in various parts of the Earth system, such as the atmosphere, the ocean, the cryosphere and the land.