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Environment - Pedagogy - 27.03.2024
SustainLux - a new platform to connect sustainability initiatives

Environment - 21.03.2024
A new perspective of sustainable architecture

Environment - 18.03.2024
Research premieres at DOCVILLE film festival

Innovation - Environment - 18.03.2024
Flanders Technology & Innovation, VUB and UZ Brussel join forces at Research Park Zellik

Campus - Environment - 16.03.2024
Come in, it’s open!

Innovation - Environment - 14.03.2024
VUB makes research into light technology accessible

Innovation - Environment - 04.03.2024
VUB begins conversation with students on workings of AI

Environment - Economics - 29.02.2024
VUB’s House of Sustainable Transitions takes interdisciplinary approach to sustainability challenges
More than 200 VUB researchers join forces for fundamental approach to sustainability The Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) has today launched the interdisciplinary platform House of Sustainable Transitions.

Environment - Event - 15.02.2024
International research centre inaugurated at Usquare.brussels: VUB and ULB expand with renovated former barracks

Environment - Life Sciences - 14.02.2024
Nature-loving volunteers plant 485 trees at VUB
Students and staff of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) joined forces with a group of their neighbours on Valentine's Day to plant 485 trees and shrubs along Nieuwelaan in Elsene.

Politics - Environment - 14.02.2024
Make science, not war: let science triumph
Make science, not war: let science triumph
As a scientist, on this Valentine's Day, I call on fellow scientists around the world: let us join forces and use science as a powerful tool for peace and cooperation.

Environment - Health - 14.02.2024
Climate change contributes to rise of West Nile virus in Europe
Climate change contributes to rise of West Nile virus in Europe
A team of researchers from the Spatial Epidemiology Lab ( SpELL ) of the Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB) and the bclimate group of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) demonstrate in a new publication the contribution of climate change to the geographical expansion of West Nile virus in Europe.

Environment - Event - 13.02.2024
VUB climate scientists honoured for research
VUB climate scientists honoured for research

Environment - 11.02.2024
Working towards an inclusive research landscape 

Environment - 08.02.2024
VUB hosts exclusive lecture and debate with leading American scientist Jan Golinski

Innovation - Environment - 21.12.2023
VUB and FARI launch pioneering AI postgrad course
VUB and FARI launch pioneering AI postgrad course

Environment - Innovation - 20.12.2023
Durable suction cup technology, developed by VUB-imec, wins Belgium Builds Back Circular funding

Environment - Career - 19.12.2023
VUB professor wants to map impact of climate change throughout human life
VUB climate scientist Wim Thiery is analysing how climate change affects people throughout their lives.

Environment - Economics - 19.12.2023
Unmasking Greenwashing: The 6 Sins of Deceptive Sustainability Marketing
Environmental concerns have gained significant attention, leading various entities to adopt a "green" label in their communications to attract conscientious consumers.

Environment - 18.12.2023
Between liveability and accessibility in the Bois de la Cambre
Any changes to public space generate debate, whether it is the creation of a pedestrianised area, a tunnel or a new road.

Social Sciences - Environment - 18.12.2023
VUB expands into Flanders with scientific public programme
VUB expands into Flanders with scientific public programme

Environment - Electroengineering - 18.12.2023
VUB invests ¤2 million in combined heat and power on campus Etterbeek

Economics - Environment - 13.12.2023
VUB pioneers sustainability curriculum in economics courses

Environment - Earth Sciences - 11.12.2023
Mission to Antarctica: snow to understand the climate
Mission to Antarctica: snow to understand the climate
This December 12, Sibylle Boxho, a doctoral student in geology, leaves on a 2-month mission to Antarctica.

Pharmacology - Environment - 01.12.2023
VUB launches new alcohol and drugs policy

Life Sciences - Environment - 01.12.2023
The Haugimont Estate orchard rejuvenated

Environment - 29.11.2023
VUB sustainability report wins auditors’ award
The Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) has worked hard on sustainability, equality and wellbeing over the last policy period, and has been rewarded for its efforts and good intentions.

Event - Environment - 24.11.2023
Research sparkles at Brussels Science Festival

Environment - 10.11.2023
KU Leuven Institute releases documentary on challenges faced by European electric vehicle industry

Environment - Life Sciences - 09.11.2023
Pollution and health of marine ecosystems | A publication that challenges current knowledge
The fish studied is the Australian gregory, a species of damselfish, also known as the yellow-tipped gregory, which lives in the Great Barrier Reef, making it an essential indicator species for assessing the state of marine ecosystems.

Computer Science - Environment - 08.11.2023
VUB to host new Flemish Tier-1 supercomputer on Green Energy Park site
The Vrije Universiteit Brussel is delighted that the next Tier-1 supercomputer of the Flemish Supercomputer Centre (VSC) will be hosted and managed by VUB at the Nexus data centre on its Green Energy Park site in Zellik.

Event - Environment - 23.10.2023
VUB awards honorary doctorate to Soongu Yoon, Korean Republic ambassador to Belgium and the EU

Environment - 19.10.2023
VUB PhD Cup finalist Diederik Coppitters uses rocket technology to design the energy systems of the future

Environment - Materials Science - 06.10.2023
Scientists seek sustainable alternatives to concrete
Three research groups at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel are working together in a major European project exploring new alternatives to concrete.

Environment - 20.09.2023
Ghent University further expands South Korean hub with branch of Marine@UGent

Campus - Environment - 18.09.2023
Three-quarters of new VUB students take part in welcome week
Three-quarters of new VUB students take part in welcome week

Environment - Innovation - 08.09.2023
VUB EUTOPIA project DurAMat aims to create more sustainable metals via 3D printing
DurAMat receives one of five prestigious Marie Sklodowska-Curie Doctoral Network Grants awarded to VUB Additive manufacturing or 3D printing of metals is a sustainable answer to our product-intensive society.

Environment - Innovation - 05.09.2023
Three VUB students to compete for coveted PhD Cup
Three VUB students to compete for coveted PhD Cup
Three Vrije Universiteit Brussel doctoral students are in the running to win the coveted Flemish PhD Cup on 19 October.

Environment - Physics - 05.09.2023
ERC Starting Grants for five Ghent researchers
ERC Starting Grants for five Ghent researchers
Five Ghent researchers will receive an ERC Starting Grant. This grant will allow them to expand their research group and conduct groundbreaking research.

Environment - 25.08.2023
VUB professors appointed by Benelux and international AI advisory bodies

Environment - 14.07.2023
3D model of 200,000 glaciers to predict their evolution up to 2300
A VUB research project aims to map all the more than 200,000 glaciers in the world in a 3D model.

Environment - 30.06.2023
This was the first BioBlitz at KU Leuven: about 1,500 species counted by 581 volunteers
From 22 May to 30 June, anyone could participate in the first BioBlitz at KU Leuven. The goal was to count as many plant and animal species as possible on the university's various campuses.

Event - Environment - 23.06.2023
Scientists and young people reflect on future of Brussels
From Wednesday 28 June to Sunday 2 July 2023, VUB is organising the second edition of the Brussels2030 Summer Assembly in collaboration with ULB and Brussels2030.

Environment - Social Sciences - 22.06.2023
Soapbox Science - women scientists take up public space
Soapbox Science - women scientists take up public space

Campus - Environment - 08.06.2023
University Dental Centre VUB inaugurates renovated phantom lab

Environment - 31.05.2023
Calculations show that the thermal energy stored by land masses has increased significantly
There are many effects of climate change. Perhaps the most broadly known is global warming, which is caused by heat building up in various parts of the Earth system, such as the atmosphere, the ocean, the cryosphere and the land.

Environment - 12.05.2023
How vulnerable are Luxembourg’s firms to climate change?

Environment - Economics - 19.04.2023
PwC partners with Uni.lu & FDEF to host Academia meets Industry event

Innovation - Environment - 24.03.2023
Brussels now hosts a state-of-the-art public-oriented AI Test & Experience Center

Life Sciences - Environment - 13.03.2023
Three VUB scientists win prestigious VLIZ Awards for sea-related research
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