New: VoteWatch Europe

Introduction: From October 1st 2018 onwards the UAntwerp has access to VoteWatch Europe.

From October 1st 2018 onwards the UAntwerp has an institutional subscription to VoteWatch Europe. The database offers an overview of EU politics.

VoteWatch Europe is an independent organisation set up to promote better debates and greater transparency in EU decision-making, by providing access to the political decisions and activities of the European Parliament and the EU Council of Ministers. VoteWatch uses the EU Institutions' own attendance, voting and activity data to give a full overview of Members of the European Parliament and Member State activities. VoteWatch covers the Parliament's activities since 2004 and the Council's since 2009.

VoteWatch Europe is added to the UAntwerp catalogue and the overview of databases on the website of the library. Access is by the combination of IP recognition and accounts. The accounts are available in the detailed information of the database in the overview of databases. For off campus access a VPN connection is necessary.


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