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Environment - Aug 19
A new study shows that in multiple animal species climate change causes changes in the life cycle, e.g. the timing of the egg hatching, or adaptations in their morphology, e.g. body size. GCE scientists Frank Adriaensen and Erik Matthysen have contributed to a newly published article in the interdisciplinary science.
Environment - Jun 12

A new study finds that climate has affected the risk of armed conflict. Though other drivers of violence were found to be substantially more influential, as global temperatures continue to rise, the changing climate is expected to further amplify the risk of conflict.

Environment - Apr 15

A team of Belgian and French researchers is back from a 6-week mission studying Antarctica on a sailing ship.

Environment - Apr 16

New process makes the production of pharmaceuticals more efficient and sustainable. In the near future, fossil raw materials can be replaced in the production of two important anticancer drugs. An interuniversity team with researchers from UAntwerp and KU Leuven developed a process that starts from … wood.

Environment - Apr 2

The impacts of climate warming are buffered inside forests due to the thermal insulation of forest canopies. These results are based on an international study led by Ghent University researchers. Temperature difference of 4 degrees - Scientists of eight universities have quantified the temperature difference between sites within forests and outside, for the first time across the globe.

Currently 10 jobs in fields Environment, Earth Sciences, Palaeontology.
Selected Jobs
Life Sciences - 08.11
PhD Position Protect - Quantifying Climate Change Effects on Food Safety Katholieke Universiteit te Leuven (KU Leuven)
Politics - 21.10
Doctoral Researcher on Contestation of Sustainability and/OR Trade Norms Katholieke Universiteit te Leuven (KU Leuven)
Mechanical Engineering - 18.10
Un.e en électromécanique - Ecole Polytechnique de Bruxelles Université libre de Bruxelles
Environment - 10.09
Predoctoral researcher University of Ghent

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