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Environment - Feb 26
Researchers find asteroid dust in impact crater that signalled end of dinosaurs. VUB professor Steven Goderis and his team have published unique evidence linking the extinction of dinosaurs to the impact of an asteroid 66 million years ago. For the first time, the scientists found evidence of dust remnants from an asteroid in the Chicxulub impact crater itself in Mexico.
Life Sciences - Jul 29, 2020

Evolution seems to be a story of continual progress. The weak will perish, according to Darwin's law. Nevertheless, genetic defects that at first glance might make an organism weaker can increase its long-term chances of survival.

Environment - Nov 23, 2018

On 1 December, a team of glaciologists and climate researchers from ULB , UCLouvain and the University of Colorado will head for the Antarctic. On the agenda is the second field campaign for the Mass2Ant project being coordinated by UCLouvain , which also includes partners from the IRM (the Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium) and Delft University of Technology.

History - May 5, 2020

A researcher at Ghent University has identified a lost Silk Road city larger than medieval Ghent, London or Venice.

Environment - Jul 26, 2018

Introduction: Dutch and Flemish researchers studied the colonisation by coastal vegetation - Coastal vegetation interacts with water flow and the transport of sand and sediment: this interaction plays a key role in the rise of characteristic landscape forms in coastal habitats.

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