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Social Sciences - Feb 11
Social Sciences
If a person takes oxytocin, also known as the 'love hormone', in the form of a nasal spray for a sustained period, the body will start to produce more oxytocin by itself. This was the effect found by researchers at KU Leuven in people with autism. One month after treatment, they still showed elevated oxytocin levels in their saliva.
Social Sciences - Feb 1

There is growing consensus that conspiracy theories play an increasingly important role in influencing the behavior of both individuals and groups committed to violence. Raul Rios of the Institute for European Studies of the Free University of Brussels made an inventory of the most recent studies into the causes of this phenomenon. Based on his findings, he provides authorities with a number of recommandations to curb the danger of radicalization and violence.

Health - Jan 20

Mobiel 21 and Netwerk Duurzame Mobiliteit (Network Sustainable Mobility), with researchers from the University of Ghent and the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, have investigated the underlying factors of transport poverty.

Politics - Jan 26

VUB researcher Dr. Derya Yüksek has developed a method to transform conflicts, by using participatory community media practices to unite young people of Cyprus, a still deeply divided island with a violent past. Dr. Derya Yüksek: " In a worldwide tendency to relapse back to politics of antagonism and aggression, we need processes and models that can constructively deal with the diverse make-up of our societies, and the conflicts this brings. We need tools to prevent conflicts from taking violent forms -be it hate speech, structural discrimination, physical violence, or war. The participatory-democratic communication model is an effective tool for such transformation ."

Health - May 8, 2020

Research at Ghent University shows that COVID-19 pandemic affects mental health and daily lives of autistic adults.

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