Danoy on Swarm Intelligence Powered by Automated Algorithm Design 

Swarm intelligence will revolutionise autonomous systems like robots or satellites. Inspired by nature, swarms of autonomous agents can display collectively intelligent behaviours, even though every single agent follows simple rules based on its individual perception. Thinking ahead, such systems can enable completely new possibilities for a multitude of use cases.

Environment - May 15

Summers warm up faster than winters, fossil shells from Antwerp show


In a warmer climate, summers warm much faster than winters. That is the conclusion of research into fossil shells by earth scientist Niels de Winter. With this knowledge we can better map the consequences of current global warming in the North Sea area.

Innovation - Apr 24

Opening up the potential of thin-film electronics for flexible chip design



Media - May 1

Good Move: what do twittering Brussels residents think?


How big data and AI can help policymakers evaluate mobility projects.

See the Universe in 3D

Astronomy & Space

A team of researchers led by Vincent Pelgrims (ULB) dust off the Galaxy to build the first 3D map of the Universe's magnetic field. A new launch for astronomy, allowing us to explore the depths of the sky like never before. A study published in the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics.

Selected Job Offers
Agronomy/Food Science - 06.05
Research Scientist LCA of Food and Nutrition Systems Agroscope, 8046 Zürich
Microtechnics - 22.04
System Engineer (F/H) 100% CSEM, Neuchâtel
Electroengineering - 22.04
CAD Layout R&D Engineer (F/H) 100% CSEM, Neuchâtel
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