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Law - Sep 27
Inleiding: Seven members of the Law & Development Research Group presented research on the annual international conference of the Law and Development Research Network in Berlin on the theme of Plurality of Law and Development.
Law - Social Sciences - Dec 5, 2018

10 December marks the 70th anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) as a United Nations General Assembly Resolution. Today, the declaration is more relevant than ever, not least in Western Europe, where recent major migratory movements have called into question the right to seek asylum in cases of human rights violations.

Law - Oct 23, 2018

There's been some bad blood between scientific publishers and their suppliers and customers. Scientists pay to have their work published. Readers, in turn, pay to read this work, often through the library of their research institution.

Law - Social Sciences - Jun 4, 2018

Inleiding: LGD is an international, peer reviewed, multidisciplinary journal and has historically carried articles which cover a range of perspectives and approaches. It has a particular focus on encouraging scholars from the Global South to submit papers.

Law - Social Sciences - Nov 18, 2018

A VUB study reveals the dark side of the eugenic doctrine. A study from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and the Uiversity of Bournemouth reveal that forced sterilisation didn't stop after WWII. Sweden, for example, abolished its law only in 1976.

Law - Oct 22, 2018

Inleiding: Leonardo Villafuerte and Alberto Pecoraro both started their PhD at the Law and Development Research Group. The Law and Development Research Group welcomes two new researchers starting up their PhD.

Law - Social Sciences - Jan 27, 2018

For this reason the board recently approved a human rights charter, which includes a checklist (impact assessment) for prospective supervisors to assess whether their project or cooperation idea should be rejected in advance or requires advice from the Human Rights Policy Committee on Internationalisation.

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