History - May 20
A look into the past. It's usually just a metaphor, but archaeologists Jeroen Poblome and Sam Cleymans have made it a physical reality. Together with the University of Burdur, Turkey, they have reconstructed the faces of two centuries-old residents of Sagalassos.
Innovation - History - Mar 7

UAntwerp, UGent and the City of Antwerp join forces for a prestigious European project? Europe sees merit in the prestigious Time Machine project. This initiative aims to use the most innovative technologies to map and open up Europe's rich history and cultural heritage in an unprecedented way.

Physics - History - Mar 9, 2018

The museum Ten Duinen in Koksijde (Belgium) was looking for scientific evidence concerning a more accurate dating of two stained glass panels from the 14th century. Legend has it that they were the only remaining glass panels from a devastating fire in the Cistercian abbey.

History - Media - Jan 18, 2018

Introduction: Flemish and French-speaking universities join forces for large-scale research into history of magic lantern in Belgium. The Excellence of Science programme has granted 3.7 million euros to fundamental research into the history of the first visual mass medium in Belgium.

History - Life Sciences - Jun 20, 2018
History - Life Sciences

Some anonymously published papers on evolution far predate the publication of Charles Darwin's Origin of Species (1859).

Earth Sciences - History - Feb 6, 2018

Scientists discovered that giant earthquakes reoccur with relatively regular intervals. When also taking into account smaller earthquakes, the repeat interval becomes increasingly more irregular to a level where earthquakes happen randomly in time.

Life Sciences - History - Jun 19, 2017

DNA found at archaeological sites reveals that the origins of our domestic cat are in the Near East and ancient Egypt. Cats were domesticated by the first farmers some 10,000 years ago. They later spread across Europe and other parts of the world via trade hub Egypt.

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