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Psychology - Life Sciences - Aug 6, 2018
Psychology - Life Sciences
A group of researchers found that our learning capabilities are limited during slow wave sleep. Using magnetoencephalography (MEG), they showed that while our brain is still able to perceive sounds during sleep, it is unable to group these sounds according to their organisation in a sequence. Hypnopedia, or the ability to learn during sleep, was popularized in the '60s, with for example the dystopia Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, in which individuals are conditioned to their future tasks during sleep.
Psychology - Religions - Apr 14, 2017
Psychology - Religions

At the heart of the debate over Islamophobia, many claim the right to criticise fully the ideas and norms of other ethnic and religious groups (here Muslims) on the basis that it has no influence over respecting religious persons as individuals.

Psychology - Health - Feb 15

Depuis 20 ans, l'UCLouvain propose au grand public (à LLN) des consultations psychologiques spécialisées dans la thérapie des émotions La spécificité - Ces consultations psys sont enrichies par la recherche UCLouvain.