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Agronomy/Food Science - Life Sciences
Agroscope Nyon, Switzerland
Agroscope search : PhD position: Pest insect damages on oilseed rape Oilseed rape is the main oilseed crop produced in temperate climates like Switzerland. However, numerous pest insects threaten its production that require high levels of crop protection ...
Agronomy/Food Science
Agroscope Nyon VD, Switzerland
Agroscope search: Postdoc in protein crops Soybean breeding efforts allowed growing this crop in colder temperate climate, like Switzerland. The goal to improve protein autonomy, especially for organic agriculture, increased the need for suitable ...
Agronomy/Food Science - Life Sciences
University of Ghent Flemish Region
PhD candidate https://www.ugent.be/en/work/scientific/phd-student-106 https://www.ugent.be/logo.png MSc in Bioscience engineering, agricultural science of cell and gene biotechnology; MSc in biosciences, agricultural and horticultural science; MSc ...