PhD position, Functional Carbon Nanotube Nanohybrids

WorkplaceAntwerpen, Flemish Region, Belgium


PhD position, Functional Carbon Nanotube Nanohybrids - 2019BAPFWETEF254

At the physics department of the University of Antwerp (UA), Belgium, a PhD candidate position is available in the Laboratory for Experimental Condensed Matter Physics (ECM), financed in the framework of a research project funded by the Fund for Scientific Research – Flanders (FWO):

Topic: Functional Carbon Nanotube Nanohybrids: from Synthesis to Advanced Spectroscopic Characterization.

The hollow structure of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) forms an ideal host system to create new functional nanohybrids by encapsulation of various molecules. In particular, in the ECM group it was recently found that dipolar molecules naturally align head-to-tail into a polar one-dimensional array inside CNTs, which results in a coherent addition of the molecular directional properties such as the dipole moment and second-order nonlinear optical response. They also found that the optical properties of CNTs are extremely sensitive to their filling state, through the subtle (but characteristic) steric and electronic interactions of the encapsulated molecules with the CNT wall. In this project you will combine these concepts with the expertise in chiral sorting and high-resolution spectroscopy available in the ECM group. An in-depth spectroscopic characterization (with automated laser wavelength tuning) of the filling of SWCNTs will be carried out both for small molecules to investigate their peculiar phase behavior under confinement and for dipolar dye molecules and sensitizing dyes to further enhance and create new functionalities. This will enable the development of revolutionary materials for nonlinear optics, important for applications such as ultrafast electro-optic modulators for optical data communication and wavelength conversion of lasers, as well as materials with a tunable spectral response for implementation in organic photovoltaics.

You will learn state-of-the-art preparation and optical/laser-spectroscopic characterisation techniques available at UA, including wavelength-dependent resonant Raman scattering and IR fluorescence-excitation spectroscopy, for characterising the filling of CNTs with single rows of molecules. You will also contribute to the further development of these techniques. You will be supervised by W. Wenseleers and S. Cambré, and you will also benefit from the wide network of collaborations of the host group.

Starting date: Position is available immediately; exact date to be agreed with candidate.

Profile: You obtained a diploma of Master in Physics or Engineer in a related field, with excellent grades. You are very motivated for experimental scientific research and you wish to prepare a PhD thesis in this area of research. Also in case you are interested and you have not obtained your diploma yet, but expect to do so in 2019, please apply now already.

We offer : A salary for three years (provided positive evaluation after 1 year), extendible to four years depending on results and funding, approximately in the range of ~2070-2120¤/month (tax exempt; may depend on eligibility), funded by the above mentioned FWO project, and the opportunity to perform research in a multidisciplinary environment with state-of-the-art experimental equipment, and obtain a PhD at the University of Antwerp.

Application: Applications may only be submitted online , until the deadline September 1, 2019 and should include (zip-format) a motivation letter, a detailed CV (including followed courses, honours, grades, previous work, programming skills, publications,...) and contact info of two references.

For more information:
Wim.Wenseleers [at] uantwerp[.]be , Sofie.Cambre [at] uantwerp[.]be

Laboratory address:

Laboratory for Experimental Condensed Matter Physics

University of Antwerp (campus Drie Eiken),

Physics Department,

Universiteitsplein 1,

B-2610 Antwerpen


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