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    Life Sciences - 16.07
    PhD position, Spaceflight induced sensorimotor adaptations Universiteit Antwerpen
    Chemistry - 10.07
    PhD position, Electrochemistry Universiteit Antwerpen
    Life Sciences - 10.07
    Postdoctoral position, Bio-informatics Universiteit Antwerpen
    Computer Science/Telecom - 09.07
    Postdoctoral position, R&D and Innovation indicators Universiteit Antwerpen
    Health - 04.07
    PhD position, Urinary biomarkers in oncology Universiteit Antwerpen
    Computer Science/Telecom - 02.07
    PhD position, Natural language processing - Conversational agents Universiteit Antwerpen
    Health - 28.06
    Full-time Postdoctoral Scientist position Université libre de Bruxelles