natural sciences

Environment - Apr 16
New process makes the production of pharmaceuticals more efficient and sustainable. In the near future, fossil raw materials can be replaced in the production of two important anticancer drugs. An interuniversity team with researchers from UAntwerp and KU Leuven developed a process that starts from … wood.
Physics - Apr 8

What is the impact of weathering processes on microplastics, and how do the particles spread across seas and oceans' Computer models developed by hydraulics engineers from KU Leuven may help to find the answers.

Sport Sciences - Feb 26

Professional football players need to keep a cool head during a match, but some are better at this than others. Cristiano Ronaldo seems to be immune to pressure, while Neymar's performance crumbles under it.

Environment - Feb 26

Bioscience engineers at KU Leuven have created a solar panel that produces hydrogen gas from moisture in the air.

Chemistry - Aug 16, 2018

Clusters of silver atoms captured in zeolites, a porous material with small channels and voids, have remarkable light emitting properties. For instance, they can be used for more efficient lighting applications as a substitute for LED and TL lamps.

Selected Jobs
Chemistry - 10.07
PhD position, Electrochemistry Universiteit Antwerpen
Life Sciences - 10.07
Postdoctoral position, Bio-informatics Universiteit Antwerpen
Computer Science/Telecom - 09.07
Postdoctoral position, R&D and Innovation indicators Universiteit Antwerpen
Computer Science/Telecom - 02.07
PhD position, Natural language processing - Conversational agents Universiteit Antwerpen
Chemistry - 25.06
PhD position, Bio-electrochemistry Universiteit Antwerpen
Chemistry - 07.06
Predoctoral researcher University of Ghent
Physics - 23.05
PhD position, Electron tomography and electrocatalysis Universiteit Antwerpen