Physics - Chemistry - Sep 11
Inleiding: Recent work from CMT researchers (Dr Bacaksiz and Prof Peeters) provide theoretical support for experiments done in Manchester which show that micas are excellent proton conducting membranes. (Physworld News) One-atom thick materials like graphene (a 2D sheet of carbon) conduct protons extremely well but they become impermeable to protons the thicker they get.
Environment - Chemistry - Apr 16

New process makes the production of pharmaceuticals more efficient and sustainable. In the near future, fossil raw materials can be replaced in the production of two important anticancer drugs. An interuniversity team with researchers from UAntwerp and KU Leuven developed a process that starts from … wood.

Environment - Chemistry - Feb 26
Environment - Chemistry

Bioscience engineers at KU Leuven have created a solar panel that produces hydrogen gas from moisture in the air.

Chemistry - Life Sciences - Oct 29, 2018

( 29-10-2018 ) Whether you think about bank accounts, YouTube videos or QR codes, everything is saved as zeros and ones, or data, on a computer. The storage equipment available might not be capable of holding all that information much longer.

Chemistry - Environment - Mar 25
Chemistry - Environment

How did bioscience engineers at KU Leuven manage to convert water vapour directly into hydrogen gas, with record efficiency? And does their hydrogen panel signal the end of fossil fuels' We asked Johan Martens and Tom Bosserez from the Centre for Surface Chemistry and Catalysis for the answers.

Chemistry - Dec 18, 2018

Companies are keen to use miniature chemical reactors to make pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals, but are discouraged by their tendency to clog up. Researchers at KU Leuven have now devised an elegant way of using sound waves to keep the chemicals flowing.

Environment - Chemistry - Oct 25, 2018

Introduction: Annemie Bogaerts (UAntwerp) and European colleagues receive prestigious ERC Synergy grant. According to four top scientists, plasma will play a crucial role in how we tackle climate change.

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