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Astronomy / Space - Physics - 19.07.2018
IceCube neutrinos point to long-sought cosmic ray accelerator
Ghost particle originates from supermassive black hole An international team of scientists has found the first evidence of a source of high-energy cosmic neutrinos. The measured neutrino originates from a supermassive black hole. Researchers from VUB are among those behind the sensational finding.

Astronomy / Space - Physics - 02.05.2018
Stephen Hawking and Thomas Hertog propose a new cosmological theory
Stephen Hawking's last paper, co-authored by Thomas Hertog, does away with the infinite multiverse and predicts a simpler and finite universe. Find out more in this ERC interview with Thomas Hertog. You put forward a new theory of the origin of the universe. What's wrong with the current one? "The prevailing theory of the Big Bang is called eternal inflation.

Astronomy / Space - Media - 22.02.2018
What have we learned about TRAPPIST-1 during this last year?
Just a year ago, on the 22 February 2017, at a press conference at NASA headquarters, an international team of researchers revealed the existence of a unique exoplanetary system, made up of seven planets orbiting a small nearby star. Known as TRAPPIST-1, this system created a hug buzz on the Web, in the media, and within the scientific community.

Astronomy / Space - 11.01.2018
JUICE: a new challenge for CSL
JUICE: a new challenge for CSL

Astronomy / Space - Earth Sciences - 09.01.2018
Journey to the Center of a White-Dwarf Star
Journey to the Center of a White-Dwarf Star
A stellar core that challenges predictions: here is the result of the first cartography of the interior of a white-dwarf star performed by an international team that includes  Valérie Van Grootel and Marc-Antoine Dupret , two researchers belonging to the STAR Institute at Université de Liège. This discovery will provide insights on the different physical mechanisms involved in the evolution of stars and our Sun.