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Inleiding: Leonardo Villafuerte and Alberto Pecoraro both started their PhD at the Law and Development Research Group.

The Law and Development Research Group welcomes two new researchers starting up their PhD.

Leonardo D. Villafuerte Philippsborn is a full-time lecturer at the Universidad Católica Boliviana "San Pablo" (UCB), and he is editor of its peer-reviewed law journal (UCB Law Review). He has an LL.M. in Civil Law at the Andean University "Simon Bolivar"(Andean Community Academic Organism). At present, his research interests are human rights, collective rights of indigenous peoples and plural justice.

Alberto Pecoraro is a doctoral researcher at the University of Antwerpen. He graduated in political science at the University of York and in international law at the University of Edinburgh. Before joining the Law & Development Research Group he taught international law at the Kazakh University of Humanities and Law, in Astana. His research project concerns the interaction between the law of the sea and international economic law in regulating deep seabed mining".


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