Researchers force breakthrough in the administration of natural painkillers

Charlotte Martin and Steven Ballet of the VUB Research Group of Organic Chemistry have succeeded in developing an injectable hydrogel that can be used to administer natural painkillers in a minimally invasive manner. The hydrogel is broken down naturally in the body and has a pain-relieving effect of 3 to 4 days. Such a system reduces the number of required administrations and it can lower the serious and addictive side effects of opioid analgesics. The hydrogels can also carry other active ingredients, which means that many other medicines can be administered in this minimally invasive and biodegradable way. Ballet: "The developed injectable hydrogels are promising, because they can potentially be used for the controlled supply of therapeutic proteins and other peptide-based treatments". With their research, the researchers made the cover of the renowned Journal of Medicinal Chemistry.
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