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Physics - 23.11.2023
Luttinger's theorem at the center of topology
Luttinger’s theorem at the center of topology
The laws of physics are based on universal principles, often associated with mathematical theorems. Identifying physical phenomena that escape these fundamental rules leads to a paradigm shift, and usually to major discoveries. In a paper published in Physical Review Letters, Lucila Peralta Gavensky, Nathan Goldman (Faculty of Science) and Subir Sachdev (Harvard), reveal a fundamental link between the violation of two major rules of solid-state physics: Luttinger's theorem and the classification rule for insulating materials .

Physics - Chemistry - 24.10.2023
FNRS researcher Tárcius Nascimento Ramos publishes in the prestigious Journal of Chemical Physics
Knowing the energy of light absorbed by a molecule enables us to understand its structure, its quantum states, its interaction with other molecules and its potential technological applications. Molecules with a high probability of simultaneously absorbing two low-energy photons of light have a wide range of applications: as molecular probes in high-resolution microscopy, as substrates for data storage in dense three-dimensional structures or as vectors in medicinal treatments.

Astronomy / Space - Physics - 27.06.2023
IceCube: our galaxy seen through a new lens
For the first time, the IceCube Neutrino Observatory has produced an image of the Milky Way using neutrinos - tiny, ghostly astronomical messengers.In a paper published tomorrow in the journal Science, the IceCube project, involving ULB scientists, presents evidence of high-energy neutrino emission from the Milky Way .

Astronomy / Space - Physics - 21.06.2023
Euclid: a European space telescope to reveal the invisible universe
Euclid: a European space telescope to reveal the invisible universe
Euclid is a telescope of the European Space Agency (ESA) which aims to reveal the properties and nature of dark matter and dark energy - 95% of the contents of the Universe. On the occasion of its launch from Cape Canaveral in early July, Belgian scientists involved in the Euclid mission, notably from the Université libre de Bruxelles, are highlighting their contributions and research projects .

Physics - Chemistry - 30.01.2023
New algorithm enables simulation of complex quantum systems
An international team of scientists from the University of Luxembourg, Berlin Institute for the Foundations of Learning and Data (BIFOLD) at TU Berlin and Google has now successfully developed a machine learning algorithm to tackle large and complex quantum systems. The article has been published in the renowned journal Science Advances.

Physics - Astronomy / Space - 26.01.2023
A new approach for solving the dark energy mystery
What is behind dark energy - and what connects it to the cosmological constant introduced by Albert Einstein? Two physicists from the University of Luxembourg point the way to answering these open questions of physics. The universe has a number of bizarre properties that are difficult to understand with everyday experience.