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Life Sciences - Social Sciences - 13.12.2023
Babies' brains prioritize human voices
Babies’ brains prioritize human voices
The voice is the most important sound for human beings, providing information about the identity, gender, age and emotional state of the speaker, as well as being the basis of our communication through language and other non-linguistic cues. Adults have a specific brain area that responds preferentially to voice among all other sounds.

Social Sciences - 06.10.2023
Fairer AI systems
Fairer AI systems
Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems are increasingly being used in various aspects of our society. However, we do not always know how the algorithms work and whether the choices they make are fair.

Health - Social Sciences - 03.07.2023
Impact of Covid-19 on young people’s health in the WHO European region
According to a series of reports published by WHO and the partner study Health Behaviour in School-aged Children (HBSC), adolescents who are most likely to have suffered from negative impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic are female, older, from less affluent families, faced prolonged school closures or lacked social support.

Social Sciences - 06.04.2023
Study seeks link between stuttering and sleep behaviour in children
Study seeks link between stuttering and sleep behaviour in children
Researchers at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel suspect there is a link between stuttering and the quality and quantity of sleep in children aged four to 13. Previous research has shown that sleep problems can cause drowsiness, fatigue attention disorders, anxiety and depression symptoms and, the VUB researchers believe, the intensity of stutters.