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Innovation - Administration - 31.03.2022
The impact of blockchain technology on public sectors
The impact of blockchain technology on public sectors
VUB research shows that blockchain technology can strengthen democratic values Ledger technology or Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), of which blockchain is one system, offers new ways to bring government services to citizens and businesses. Governments have therefore started experimenting and investing in blockchain and DLT solutions for the public sector.

Administration - 04.11.2020
Large-scale study: Congolese fishermen report decline in fish stocks on Lake Tanganyika
Large-scale study: Congolese fishermen report decline in fish stocks on Lake Tanganyika
Fishermen working on Lake Tanganyika in eastern Congo experience a lack of safety and want better enforcement of existing regulations. They also report a decline in the lake's fish stocks. These are some of the findings of a large international study led by KU Leuvenábased on 1018 interviews with stakeholders in the area.

Administration - 12.07.2020
Dual-Use Research Allowed Under Strict Conditions
Dual-Use Research Allowed Under Strict Conditions
The Board of Governors of the 3rd of July 2020 has approved the new policy vision regarding military and dual-use research at Ghent University. This has big implications for research and development at Ghent University as well as research financing by the European Defense Fund in 2021. Research that can possibly be used militarily, is now possible.

Environment - Administration - 08.08.2019
Researchers eye Alaska thaw
32░C. This summer saw the highest temperature ever recorded in southern Alaska. What are the consequences for the environment and ice melt? UCLouvain researchers will go to Alaska (15/08 to 6/09) to analyse soil (permafrost) thawing The mission's goal is to understand and clarify thaw impact on the quantities of greenhouse gases emitted in the Arctic The historical record of 32░ C in southern Alaska in early July 2019 exposed permafrost (permanently frozen ground) to an unprecedented temperature rise.

Computer Science - Administration - 23.07.2019
Anonymising personal data ’not enough to protect privacy’, shows UCLouvain’s new study
Current methods for anonymising data leave individuals at risk of being re-identified , according to new research from University of Louvain (UCLouvain) and Imperial College London This research is published in Nature Communications Nature article:á Luc Rocher , researcher at the mathematical engineering department of University of Louvain (UCLouvain) : mobile on request , luc&peri

Pharmacology - Administration - 04.12.2018
Researchers force breakthrough in the administration of natural painkillers
Charlotte Martin and Steven Ballet of the VUB Research Group of Organic Chemistry have succeeded in developing an injectable hydrogel that can be used to administer natural painkillers in a minimally invasive manner. The hydrogel is broken down naturally in the body and has a pain-relieving effect of 3 to 4 days.