430.000 Euro Grant for Research Platform CAPTURE to Stimulate Recycling of Carbon, Plastics and Water

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Hilde Crevits has awarded 430.000 euro to CAPTURE, a Ghent University, VITO, UAntwerp and VUB research platform for CO2, plastics and water recycling.

Guaranteeing the availability of good-quality water, transforming spent plastics into a resource, transforming CO2 into useful products. These are the 3 main challenges that CAPTURE has set itself. the CAPTURE initiative started in 2015 and grew out of interdisciplinary collaboration between several young and dynamic professors from 3 different faculties at Ghent University. In 2019, VITO and the University of Antwerp joined the initiative, followed by Vrije Universiteit Brussel in 2020. As a result more than 300 researchers now collaborate within the organization, working on projects with more than 100 companies. CAPTURE proposes an integrated approach based on three pillars:

  • Clustering of expertise, infrastructure and stakeholders in thematic pipelines, developing solutions from waste to resource, to final application
  • Acceleration of the introduction of knowledge and technologies towards industry and society
  • Training of multidisciplinary professionals

To stimulate the open collaboration between the different key-players, Flemish minister of Innovation Hilde Crevits has awarded CAPTURE a grant of 430.000 euro. This will allow CAPTURE to broaden its reach to involve more partners to strengthen the circular economy of tomorrow. The goal is clear: by supporting innovation and collaboration, circular models will more quickly become the norm.

Flemish minister of Innovation Hilde Crevits: "CAPTURE embodies our ambitions and priorities involving sustainable innovation and circular economy. [...] To give this platform the support it needs and to stimulate more collaboration, circularity and innovation, we award them 430.000 euro."


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