95.5 billion euros for Horizon Europe, the new European Union investment program for Research and Innovation 2021-2027

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Implementing Horizon Europe - strategic planningImplementing Horizon Europe - strategic planning

With a budget increase of 30% vis--vis the current Horizon 2020 programme, the Commission is launching its most ambitious framework programme in order to keep the European Union (EU) at the forefront of Research and Innovation and to support its objectives of sustainable development and the fight against climate change.

The three pillars

Succeeding H2020, Horizon Europe is the Union’s new funding programme, the major challenges of which are:

  • to strengthen scientific excellence in Europe (Pillar 1 - 27% of the total budget);
  • to support EU strategic priorities such as ecological and social transitions, to address issues and increase European industrial competitiveness (Pillar 2 - 55% of the total budget);
  • to promote innovation in Europe (Pillar 3 - 14% of the total budget);
  • to broaden access to excellence and strengthen the European research area (transversal pillar - 4% of the total budget).

What’s new?

New missions : Offer targeted solutions to societal challenges in a logic of co-creation (with citizens, local actors, etc.) through the implementation of 5 missions:

  • Adaptation to climate change,
  • Health of the oceans, seas as well as coastal and inland waters,
  • Smart and carbon neutral cities,
  • Soil health and nutrition.

A European Innovation Council : Creation of a one-stop shop to support disruptive innovation.
An : Compulsory free access to publications and free access to research data guaranteed.
The strengthening of international cooperation with a wider opening to associations.
The streamlining of European partnerships while encouraging greater participation of public and private actors.
Synergy with other European policies and programs.
Simplified rules to reduce red tape.

Opening of the first calls in January 2021

The calls making it possible to submit funding requests, all donors combined, have been listed together on an online platform dedicated to research funding. This space is accessible to all UNamur members, regardless of their status or career stage: students, doctoral students, post-docs (R1-R2 researchers); academic or related staff (R3-R4 researchers); ATG staff.

Access the platform with your usual UNamur login / password and view all calls in progress, permanent calls and recurring calls. The search bar allows you to search by criteria (funder, target audience, research area) or with any keyword. The calls are listed there in the main language of the funding institution website.

The Research Administration (ADRE) offers support to researchers at different stages of setting up a file (mandate, project, etc.). It is imperative to go through ADRE to validate the different aspects of your project BEFORE DEPOSIT. More info here...