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Innovation - 10.07.2020

Innovation - 08.10.2019
Trial access for Science & Technology journals
Science and Technology journals from publisher Taylor and Francis temporarily available until the end of November In addition to the current, existing access at Taylor & Francis there will be trial access to the journals from the Science & Technology collection until the end of November.

Innovation - Economics / Business - 03.07.2019
Tailor-made solution paves the way to more cost-efficient transport of cargo
Spin-off Digitrans provides data-driven logistics solution for the transport sector. DigiTrans, the latest spin-off of the University of Antwerp and imec, is operational.

Innovation - History / Archeology - 07.03.2019
Time Machine Launch imminent
UAntwerp, UGent and the City of Antwerp join forces for a prestigious European project? Europe sees merit in the prestigious Time Machine project.

Innovation - 10.09.2018
Spinn-off Aloxy raises Ą2M to launch its IoT solution
Introduction: Aloxy, a spin-off of imec and the University of Antwerp, that develops plug-andplay Internet of Things technology for the process and chemical industry, closes its Series A funding.

Innovation - Computer Science - 16.03.2018
Seamless communication soon possible even in crisis situations?
Scientists from IDLab, a core imec research group embedded in the universities of Ghent and Antwerp, are working on an innovative system for wireless networks to enable smooth communication even in crisis situations.

Innovation - 16.03.2018
Seamless communication soon possible even in crisis situations?
Introduction: Flemish scientists win prestigious American cash prize. Communication can save lives. But what if existing technology is no longer available, after an attack for example?

Innovation - Environment - 09.03.2018

Innovation - Mathematics - 22.02.2018

Social Sciences - Innovation - 05.02.2018
Call on the EU: more opportunities to strengthen research social sciences & humanities
A group of universities from leading countries in Social Science & Humanities research and innovation, calls on the EU to create better opportunities for SSH research in the 9th EU Framework Programme for Research & Innovation (FP9).

Life Sciences - Innovation - 25.01.2018
VitriCell raises over ÔéČ1 million
The company, which moved to new premises in the GIGA tower in LiŔge (Belgium) last October, intends to recruit several new employees this year.

Innovation - Mathematics - 22.12.2017

Innovation - 16.10.2017
Security flaw leaves all Wi-Fi traffic open to eavesdropping
KU Leuven researchers have discovered serious weaknesses in a protocol that secures all protected Wi-Fi networks.

Continuing Education - Innovation - 05.10.2017

Innovation - Law - 18.07.2017
Red Cross Handbook On Data Protection In Humanitarian Emergencies
á The Brussels Privacy Hub of Vrije Universiteit Brussel has jointly published the Handbook on Data Protection in Humanitarian Action together with the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Innovation - 14.07.2017
European drone legislation shows major voids
á Drones have a bright future ahead of them. As the technology gets better and cheaper, all kinds of new applications come into view, but there are plenty problems on the horizon too.

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