A lighting experiment with citizen participation will begin on the VUB Main Campus in Etterbeek to explore well-being in public space

Schematic map of the HER-experiment © Iris Pissens
Schematic map of the HER-experiment © Iris Pissens
Is an initiative on the VUB Etterbeek campus, in which public spaces are better designed to offer the user more comfort and to inform them about the natural elements around them.

Between the U-Residence and Building L, there will be a new section of the Living Campus Walk - the Health and Environment Revitalisation installation. The installation features a quiet green space with benches, allowing visitors to adjust the lighting according to their mood after sunset.

"The experiment features a survey in which the visitor can adapt the lighting via an app," says Iris Pissens, who carries out research under the supervision of Prof Valéry Ann Jacobs. She works in the Merlin section of the MOBI research group at VUB’s Faculty of Engineering. ...
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