Attend the performances of GUK, GUSO and GUHO from 30 november to 6 December



From 30 November to 6 December you can attend the performances of GUK, GUSO and GUHO. The Ghent University orchestras and choir will bring you light, warmth and divine music, but also gospel and recurring sounds.

The GUHO presents: Aurora

The GUHO (Gents Universitair Harmonie Orkest/Ghent University Harmonic Orchestra) brings light, warmth, and divine music to the Bijloke Music Centre: let the GUHO be your Aurora. Come and join us in the mutual enjoyment of first-class compositions with mythological and legendary tales as their recurring theme. The programme features, amongst others, the ethereal composition ’Aurora Awakes’ by John Mackey, which celebrates the arrival of the goddess Aurora, and the epic ’Andr˛meda’ by Saul Gˇmez Soler, a musical echo of the mystical sounds of celestial bodies. The evening promises an experience of power and beauty, ideal to transport your mind and imagination into higher musical spheres.

The GUK presents: Gospel

Warm sounds, swinging rhythms, and spontaneous musicality, "gospel like you’ve never seen or heard before". During the darkest days of the year, the GUK (Gents Universitair Koor/Ghent University Choir) joyfully brings you a feeling of togetherness with its rendition of pure, straightforward music and often religiously inspired texts. Under the baton of conductor Joris Derder, the dynamic 70-member choir is this semester concentrating its artistry on the Gospel story. This infectious, captivating genre lends itself perfectly to collaboration with the Ghent-based gospel ensemble PE Live. Let yourself get carried away through a plethora of warm welcoming gospel stories and swinging Negro spirituals, ably accompanied by house pianist Marc Masson or by the sparkling gospel band of the GUK.

The GUSO presents: Moto Perpetuo

The GUSO (Gents Universitair Symfonisch Orkest/Ghent University Symphony Orchestra) once again is poised to present a dazzling host of works that are particularly distinctive by their repetitive and recurring forms, sometimes emerging when least expected. Every musical phenomenon is usually given a fitting name, such as, for instance, the Italian name ’moto perpetuo’ for the repetitive musical motif of fast recurring notes.

The GUSO will be performing the ’Cantus Arcticus’ by Rautavaara and Beethoven’s ’Seventh Symphony’. In addition, the pianist duo of Eliane Rodrigues and her daughter Nina Smeets are pulling out all the stops in their rendition of Poulenc’s ’Concerto for Two Pianos’. Under the musical direction of conductor Steven Decraene, the GUSO not only performs music featuring recurring musical elements but also, at the same time, the type of music that undoubtedly will make it onto your favorite playlist of "play it again" preferred works!

Moto Perpetuo, 30 November 2018, at 20:00 - Christus Koning Church, Ghent and 5 December 2018, at 20:00 at the Bijloke Music Centre, Ghent. More information and tickets

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