CÚdric Vanhoolandt wins the Prix Philippe Maystadt

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CÚdric Vanhoolandt wins the Prix Philippe Maystadt

Under the principal supervision of Jim Plumat, Professor of Physics Didactics at UNamur, CÚdric Vanhoolandt’s thesis, which straddles cognitive psychology and disciplinary didactics, has as its main hypothesis that inhibitory control training could be transferred to teaching disciplines in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation (science, mathematics, spelling...). Inhibitory control is a cognitive mechanism that enables us to resist automatisms in order to concentrate fully on the task in hand. So how can we train this mechanism, which is heavily involved in the learning process?

To answer this question, CÚdric Vanhoolandt’s thesis, singular in its research angle, was based on a field analysis ranging from lower secondary education to the first year of higher education. ...

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