Change in Ghent University Human Rights Policy and The Human Rights Impact Assessment

The BoG has approved an adjustment in the Human Rights Policy. It remains crucial that every collaboration undergo the Human Rights Impact Assessment.


The Ghent University Human Rights policy has been adjusted with regards to its scope:

The VLIR has recommended that the human rights impact assessment be applied to national collaborations as well as to international collaborations. The Ghent University Human Rights Impact Assessment was previously only applied to international collaborations. This is because the 2017 memo regarding human rights policy was produced by the Group of Internationalization Experts. As of now, national collaborations must also undergo the assessment.

Formal Regulations

A short description of the human rights policy is available on the Ghent University website. Researchers can also always contact the Human Rights Policy Commission for advice regarding possible collaborations. Formal regulations are also available for consultation by researchers, so it is absolutely clear what requirements are to be met with regards to collaborations. These regulations can be found at > onderzoek > mensenrechtenbeleid en dual use.

The Human Rights Impact Assessment

Prior to each new or renewed collaboration, the collaboration is to be assessed based on a number of criteria.

The human rights impact assessment consists of two questions:

For help in answering the above questions, see the Human Rights Impact Assessment tips. If you are unsure about anything or have any other questions, please contact the Human Rights Policy Commission.