CITREE - Let’s research a tree’! Join us!

( 07-10-2018 ) The Plant and Crop department (Faculty of Bioscience Engineering) is looking for people who want to search for suitable trees, and then measure the selection, for research into the productivity of trees according to their ’stress level’.

City trees suffer from stress! For example, in the city the temperature is higher than outside and the growth space is more limited. Nevertheless, trees mean a lot for the city. They absorb CO2, produce oxygen and cool down their environment when it is warm. With CITREE, the department of Plant and Crops tries to convert these services into figures based on measurements of the stem diameter.

They are therefore looking for people who want to think along, select trees and measure them in Ghent.

Do you have a specific tree in mind or do you just want to cooperate in general? Then let us know via [at] gmail (p) com or come to the info evening on 16 October 2018 at 19:00.