Community magazine ’Dare to Think’: on the biology of love

Valentine’s Day is turning February into pink red again. But prehistoric reflexes are hidden underneath the romanticism...

In the February edition of the community magazine ’Dare to Think’ you can read why the love of your life might have chosen you because had a drink too much that night...

"Mechanisms from prehistoric times still determine how we behave," says Johan Mertens (Department of Biology) about the biology of love."
"One of the factors that women are unaware of when choosing a sexual partner is risky behavior," says Eveline Vincke, who is dedicated to research on unhealthy consumer behavior, such as smoking and drinking, within the Department of Communication Sciences. "Men who take risks, certainly physically, are seen as stronger, making them sexually more attractive, showing courage, which is good for their status and their place in the hierarchy."

Citizen science is also in the spotlight in Dare to Think. From butterfly and bird counts to the collection of hail bulbs to test the impact on aircraft: everyone can contribute to a scientific project.

Dare to Think also visited the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering and got acquainted with two enthusiastic researchers, Pascal Boeckx and Marijke D’Haese, who developed high-tech methods to determine the quality of coffee beans in order to guarantee coffee farmers a better price. A strong example of fair trade!

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