Corona and Law and Development

Researchers of the Law and Development Research Group (UAntwerp) write about the global corona pandemic.

Several researchers of the Law & Development Research Group have been writing about the link between the corona pandemic and their respective fields of expertise.

  • Dr. Gamze Erdem Türkelli about 'Subverting the logic of utilitarianism in times of Covid-19' on the IEL Collective blog - Medium.
  • Yousra Benfquih about the context of police violence and discrimination related to the death of Adil in Brussels in DeMorgen newspaper.
  • Tefera Addis about the ' COVID-19 state of emergency and the federal balance of power ' in Ethiopia Insight.
  • Devanshi Saxena about ' The crisis behind closed doors in a lockdown — Domestic Violence in India' on the USOS International Students blog - Medium.


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