CRIG-researchers are granted 5 million euro by ’Kom op tegen Kanker’ 2019



’Kom op tegen Kanker’ invested almost 19 million euro in promising cancer research projects and innovative care initiatives.

For decades ’Kom tegen Kanker’ is funding research projects, schjolarships and care initiatives which increase survival rates and improve the quality of life of (ex-)patients. In 2019 they will fund almost 19 million euro! 73 scholarships and grants were officially awarded. Read more on the website of Kom op tegen Kanker.

Congratulations to all CRIG researchers (from UGent and UZ Gent) that were awarded, for more than 5 million euro!

Research projects

’Kom op tegen Kanker’ invests millions in innovative research and care initiatives which increase survival rates and improve the quality of life of (ex-)patients. The funded projects always have a direct impact on the patient, but for commercial reasons don’t get financial support from the farmaceutical industry.

  • prof. Wim Ceelen - " Bev-IP: neoadjuvant chemotherapy with bevacizumab for colorectal peritoneal metastases "  (270 000 EUR)
  • prof. Ingeborg Goethals - " Amino-acid PET based dose painting radiation therapy in glioblastoma patients " (538 800 EUR)
  • prof. Geert Berx - " Preclinical validation of novel anti-EMT therapy for malignant triple negative breast cancer " (583 424 EUR)
  • prof. Olivier De Wever - " Impact of extracellular matrix organization in the tumor environment on efficacy of immunotherapy in DNA mismatch repair deficient tumors "    (494 000 EUR)
  • prof. Katleen De Preter - " Improved diagnostic strategy for the diagnosis of solid pediatric tumors using methylation profiling " (500 000 EUR)
  • prof. Hannelore Denys - " BLood groups as biomarker to Optimize Odds of response to anti-PD-1 Drugs (BLOOD trial )" (447 178 EUR)
  • prof. Hans Van Vlierberghe - " Serum glycomics as predictors of treatment success and diagnostic biomarkers of relapse in hepatocellular carcinoma: an alternative for liquid biopsies ?" (321 000 EUR)
  • prof. Bart Vandekerckhove - " Vaccination with nucleoside-modified mRNA-ceramide lipoplexes: a phase I trial in stage IV lung carcinoma patients " (444 850 EUR)
  • prof. Piet Ost - " ProBio: an outcome-adaptive, multi-arm, open-label, multiple assignment randomized biomarker-driven trial in patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer " (1 220 600 EUR)

Emmanuel van der Schueren scholarships

’Kom op tegen Kanker’ grants scholarships for doctoral and en postdoctoral researchers on cancer.

  • Jilke De Wilde - " Ontwikkeling van een snelle, minimaal-invasieve en betaalbare test voor accurate diagnose van CUP (Cancer of Unknown Primary: metastatische kanker van onbekende oorsprong) door bepaling van het DNA methylatie profiel " (42 000 EUR)
  • Elias Van De Vijver - " Sensitiserend effect van inhibitie van het deubiquitinase UCHL1 op sorafenib-behandeling van hepatocellulair carcinoom: een preklinische studie met focus op verminderde celoverleving en stamceleigenschappen " (42 000 EUR)
  • André Pedro Pinto de Almeida " De rol van SOX11 in T-ALL " (42 000 EUR)
  • Stien De Coninck - " Rol van TET2 in pre-leukemische acute T-cel lymfatische leukemie " (42 000 EUR)
  • Jolien De Wyn - " Preklinische evaluatie van THZ531-Nultin-3 combinatietherapie in de bestrijding van therapieresistente neuroblastoom " (65 000 EUR)

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