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Environment - Economics - 24.02.2019
Climate friendly investing, how is Ghent University doing that?
Climate friendly investing, how is Ghent University doing that?
Dare to opt for an ambitious climate policy According to ancient activist tradition, Ghent University students are not left undisturbed in the social debate.

Economics - 24.01.2019
The customs and excise programme of the University of Antwerp fills big void, writes specialist magazine ’Flows’

Economics - 07.12.2018
Sarah Kuypers obtains PhD

Economics - 27.11.2018
VUB-UCOS eyes up entrepreneurs for Africa’s development

Economics - 19.10.2018
Lecture by Dr. Duncan Green (How Change Happens) on Thursday 25 October

Economics - 17.09.2018
UAntwerp only Flemish university in prestigious Financial Times ranking

Economics - 30.08.2018
Whole world represented at summer university

Economics - 25.07.2018
EU-legislation lacks ample protection from a new economic crisis

Economics - Career - 11.06.2018
Personalities of men and women in leadership roles barely differ
Introduction: UAntwerp and Hudson researched the personality profiles of more than 500 leaders. The idea that women in leadership roles are fundamentally different to their male colleagues is widespread.

Economics - 05.06.2018
Meer dan 900 wetenschappers nemen stadsbewoners onder de loep

Health - Economics - 22.04.2018
Deans elected in all faculties

Economics - Administration - 09.03.2018
Public Finance Management training course

Economics - Social Sciences - 09.03.2018
A Belgian start-up reinvents education in Kenyan schools

Health - Economics - 09.03.2018
Camel-IDS, a spin-off company of VUB, appoints Ruth Devenyns as CEO

Economics - 10.01.2018
New: toolbox for supervisors at Ghent University

Economics - 10.01.2018
Upgrade: Business Source Complete

Economics - Politics - 10.01.2018
What can we do about forced labour?
Introduction: Neil Howard (UAntwerp) and other researchers from Beyond Trafficking and Slavery, an organisation that studies labour exploitation, are proposing new policy interventions to tackle previously unaddressed root causes of exploitative work conditions.

Economics - 14.12.2017
Interview: EU sees U.S. as "source of Geo-strategic unrest" rather than "beacon of stability": geopolitics expert

Economics - Computer Science - 11.12.2017
L'UCL répertorie les catastrophes naturelles
L’UCL répertorie les catastrophes naturelles
Recherche UCL - 10 décembre, journée internationale du climat - communiqué de presse 2017: fewer disasters but more cost damages, reports researchers of University of Louvain (UCL) EMDAT is an intern

Social Sciences - Economics - 21.11.2017
VUB Social Entrepreneurship Fair on November 28th