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Environment - 09.11.2022
COP27: African and Western researchers call for Africa’s energy transition to be studied country by country in relation to climate goals
As the COP27 climate summit begins in Egypt, academics from 50 institutions, including VUB, have called for a change in the way politicians, financiers and researchers think about the transition to clean energy in Africa.

Earth Sciences - Environment - 27.10.2022
VUB professor of hydrology Marijke Huysmans named among InspiringFifty

Life Sciences - Environment - 19.10.2022
VUB master's students develop biological water softener using bacteria
VUB master’s students develop biological water softener using bacteria
Hard water and the scale it causes are a scourge for users of appliances that heat water. A group of seven first year master's students from VUB's Bioengineering Sciences programme explored how organisms harvest limescale from the environment and do useful things with it.

Environment - 17.10.2022
The two faces of VUB's new transgressive behaviour policy
The two faces of VUB’s new transgressive behaviour policy
You Are Not Alone policy puts maximum focus on prevention and support to ensure victims don't feel abandoned Monday 17 October - The Vrije Universiteit Brussel is shifting up a gear in tackling transgressive behaviour on and around campus.

Environment - Life Sciences - 11.10.2022
VUB in international pioneering research on living materials
The EU Commission is awarding ¤4 million to FUNGATERIA, a pioneering international research project in which the Vrije Universiteit Brussel is also participating.

History / Archeology - Environment - 26.09.2022
VUB professor Elvira Haezendonck elected president IAME

Environment - Computer Science - 09.09.2022
Laying the foundation stone of the Green Energy Park datacenter

Campus - Environment - 26.06.2022
VUB welcomes nine universities from all over Europe

Life Sciences - Environment - 24.06.2022
Proteins from microbial fermentation get boost with The ProteInn Club
Proteins from microbial fermentation get boost with The ProteInn Club
The new innovation platform 'The ProteInn Club (Ghent University, CAPTURE, ILVO and the Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant (BBEPP) focuses on proteins made via fermentation-based production processes.

Environment - 14.06.2022
3i University Network: A cross-border network to tackle regional challenges
3i University Network: A cross-border network to tackle regional challenges

Environment - 30.05.2022
Maintaining and enhancing forest biodiversity in Europe
Biodiversity loss has been globally recognised as a major threat to ecological and socio-economic stability.

Environment - Politics - 25.05.2022
VUB’s Soumaya Majdoub and Cathy Macharis named on panel for just transition to sustainable society

Environment - Life Sciences - 20.05.2022
Coral reefs and the importance of ecosystem engineers
Friday, May 20, 2022 — Sunday is Biodiversity Day. But what actually is biodiversity and why is it important?

Environment - Event - 17.05.2022
Rainbow paths at the VUB

Environment - Career - 16.05.2022
Three lectures by winners of ERC grants

Environment - 27.04.2022
VUB launches podcast on sustainability: Scientists With A Cause
Wednesday, April 27, 2022 — The Vrije Universiteit Brussel is an urban engaged university that values a sustainable society.

Environment - Social Sciences - 14.04.2022
VUB and ULB establish Brussels Institute for Advanced Studies
Radically interdisciplinary, international and socially relevant: First BrIAS series tackles food, climate and sustainability Thursday, April 14, 2022 — The Vrije Universiteit Brussel and Unive

Environment - Social Sciences - 05.04.2022
VUB co-leads a European project to reinforce nature-based climate solutions in schools
Tuesday, April 5, 2022 — VUB researchers from Cosmopolis Centre for Urban Research and Cartography and GIS (CGIS) group will examine the accessibility and equity implications of Nature-Based Cli

Environment - Life Sciences - 30.03.2022
Two VUBers join Jonge Academie

Campus - Environment - 22.03.2022
Luca Ratti Awarded Jean Monnet Chair in EU Labour Law

Environment - 21.03.2022
Open water science for the whole of society

Environment - 18.03.2022
Help VUB help Ukraine

Environment - Innovation - 10.03.2022
Sustainable transition: steps towards a new future

Event - Environment - 06.02.2022
Opening Exhibition Re/Building Brussels - the Brussels construction sector in the picture

Environment - 20.01.2022
50 candles for Djalali

Environment - 08.12.2021
VUB rector Caroline Pauwels signs agreement on FARI AI institute with ULB and Brussels region

Innovation - Environment - 18.11.2021
Smart Village Lab helps accelerate energy transition in Flanders and Europe
Zellik, 18 November 2021 - With a push of the virtual button, Flemish minister of economy and innovation Hilde Crevits today launched the Smart Village Lab.

Campus - Environment - 12.11.2021
VUB and ULB commemorate founder Pierre-Théodore Verhaegen

Environment - Health - 20.10.2021
Highest mortality risk due to air pollution exposure in Brussels in deprived neighbourhoods
Promoting healthy urban environments is an overarching goal of today's city planners and policy makers.

Campus - Environment - 14.09.2021
Major expansion of the European University EUTOPIA

Environment - 06.09.2021
Airbnb market in Brussels
Airbnb claims that it enables people to let their room or house sporadically to tourists and expats and that this allows travelers to experience the more authentic, non-touristic neighborhoods of a city.

Environment - 28.07.2021
Shift in favour of transition from nuclear energy
Social scientist studies evolution in public discourse and reaction to nuclear accidents The role of nuclear power in the Belgian energy system has caused controversy for nearly five decades.

Environment - 07.07.2021
VUB start-up BitaGreen wins European Impact Shakers Award

Environment - Campus - 02.07.2021
Art embraces Nature
Two new discovery tours on the VUB campus: Humanistic Sculpture Park & Living Campus Walk This summer, the main campus of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel boasts two more trails.

Environment - 31.05.2021
AI controls wind farms
AI controls wind farms
Monday, May 31, 2021 — Wind energy is an important renewable energy source, but the maintenance of wind farms is a very complex and expensive process.

Campus - Environment - 19.05.2021
Plans for STEAM Academy

Environment - Event - 23.04.2021
VUB geologist Niels de Winter is laureate in Eos Pipette 2021

Environment - Earth Sciences - 21.04.2021
VUB geologist nominated for New Scientist Science Talent 2021

Environment - 21.04.2021
Among the world’s best universities, also on sustainability transition issues

Environment - Social Sciences - 05.04.2021
EU citizens ready to become energy producers
VUB project RENAISSANCE shows that energy transition can be done locally with good guidance Monday, April 5, 2021 — Researchers from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel in cooperation with research

Environment - 25.03.2021
New SMEs in Cureghem contribute to gentrification
Space for SMEs in the city is a hot topic for groups interested in urban and economic transformation.

Campus - Environment - 17.03.2021
Young academics to help design policy

Computer Science - Environment - 15.03.2021
FARI - a new Artificial intelligence institute in Brussels

Environment - 03.03.2021
Researcher wins North Sea Award 2020
Award presentation at VLIZ Marine Science Day - Wednesday 3 March 2021 - 9:00 a.m. Camille Gaulier, joint-PhD from the AMGC Research Department at VUB and the University of Lille is the winner of the VLIZ North Sea Award 2020.

Environment - Earth Sciences - 29.01.2021
VUB PhD candidate wins prize King Baudouin Foundation

Environment - 26.12.2020
The EU’s Capacity to Act in International Affairs: Where Do We Stand?

Environment - 17.12.2020
95.5 billion euros for Horizon Europe, the new European Union investment program for Research and Innovation 2021-2027
95.5 billion euros for Horizon Europe, the new European Union investment program for Research and Innovation 2021-2027

Environment - 17.11.2020
430.000 Euro Grant for Research Platform CAPTURE to Stimulate Recycling of Carbon, Plastics and Water

Social Sciences - Environment - 25.10.2020
75 years United Nations: a durable and sustainable cooperation with Ghent University
75 years United Nations: a durable and sustainable cooperation with Ghent University

Environment - 20.10.2020
Six new FWO fellowships at Global Change Ecology