Ghent University goes for telework and digital teaching methods



Last night the government announced that it recommends avoiding situations where many people come together.

The government wants to reduce contacts between potentially infected and healthy people in order to delay the further spread of the corona virus. Ghent University is strictly following these recommendations.

The university therefore recommends working from home and wants to make maximum use of digital teaching methods:

"I consulted experts both before and during the meeting with the other rectors on March, 10 because the knowledge of researchers and science prevails for me in this debate. The experts assured us that the corona problem must be taken very seriously. Because of that, Ghent University recommends the maximum use of telework for its staff members. With regard to educational activities, we want to make a transition to digital teaching methods as much as possible in the coming days. We ask our teaching staff to prepare as much as possible for this switch. We will also make an inventory of the planned events at Ghent University and we’ll do the same for all of the student activities. For each event we will make a separate decision about whether it can take place or not. If an activity can continue, we will look at additional measures, that might have to be taken to prevent the spread of the virus as much as possible." Rector Rik Van de Walle.

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